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Passenger & Pilot

San Francisco

Genre: Americana, Folk, Indie


Passenger & Pilot is a San Francisco Bay Area based orchestral folk band. They have performed extensively around the Bay Area as well as the pacific northwest.

"...sweet, slow and utterly delicious."
"...those strings have a way of drawing tears from your eyes. "
-SF Gate, Off the Record

"Langford has the kind of spacious and soulful voice you hear on old Stax-Volt 45s that provides its own kind of fire."
-SF Weekly, Last Night


Local Band!

Pat Eagan of Royal Smokestacks and The Mondads with Kevin Kwater

RIYL: The Woodbox Gang, 16 Horsepower, The Builders and The Butchers and Murder by Death


Having played in St. Louis for almost a decade with the black-n-bluegrass band The Monads, Pat Eagan has developed a unique sound and vision of our town that translates well into his new band Royal Smokestacks.

Pat Eagan of The Royal Smokestacks

Pat McGee

RIYL: Train, Dave Matthews Band, Spin Doctors

Patrice Pike

Austin, TX


"Tina Turner, Bessie Smith, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant all rolled up into a tiny but explosive package." - Rolling Stone

"Pike's powerful voice...(and the) fun and catchy, Fencing Under Fire will please anyone who enjoys great vocals, a little bit of rock guitar, and smart songwriting." 4 stars - All Music Guide

"When Patrice Pike takes the stage, she does so with the effect of an atom bomb." - The Austin Roar

"Before all else, Patrice Pike is a tremendous songwriter... Few artists have ever swung so effortlessly from alt-country to jazz to folk to R&B." - CD Baby

Patrick Park

Los Angeles, CA


Patrick Park is "a blend of John Denver and Gram Parsons...striking a balance between smoothyly earnest and bitter-sweetly forlorn..." 4 stars - Mojo

Park's "country/folk/pop sound is enjoyable listen." 4 stars - All Music Guide

Patsy Cline Tribute

Local Band!

Paul Schneider


"Having recently supported Four Tet in the UK, New York's Paul Schneider should have attracted a few more British converts to his accomplished left-of-centre indie-rock material. Heartfelt without being cloying, each song on Escape Velocity (his new album) is delivered with warmth and tenderness ...... Like a soothing Elvis Costello...4 stars" - Leonard's Lair

"Schneider says that pop music is “less a style unto itself than an aggregate of the best of many,” which sums up both Escape Velocity and his own style as well as any review ever could." - CMJ New Music Report

Paul Sprawl

RIYL: Damien Jurado, Jason Molina, Jeff Buckley and Mark Kozelek

Local Band!


Paul Sprawl has his own approach to music, the guitar, songwriting, and to finding an audience for his work. He sprouted a small national audience by traveling around in a van going to open mics. His songs combine percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica on a rack, and songs of the downtrodden and forgotten. He travels with a truckstop guide next to the driver's seat, has a college arts education and put out six cds in seven years.

Paul Wild

Local Band!


Paul wild performs great indie-folk in the spirit of Richard Buckner, Josh Ritter and Mark Eitzel. A recent California transplant to Tucson, Paul's latest record was recorded at Tucson's own Wave Lab Studios... A welcome addition to the Tucson music scene.

Paula Frazer

San Francisco, CA


Paula Frazer was the creative voice behind Tarnation, the critically acclaimed Americana-gothic act often compared to Will Oldham, Nick Cave, Edith Frost, Freakwater and Neko Case.

"Paula Frazer was one of few the truly original voices on the formulaic Americana scene of the Nineties, her intimate and inimitable voice most successfully heard on her three albums with Tarnation (a solo project in disguise) and last year's debut solo album, Indoor Universe... (She) has consistently refused the genre limitations of her contemporaries, melding Americana with jazz, showtunes, Spaghetti westerns, doo wop and more. The end result is strong and beautiful folk music, as reminiscent of Patsy Cline and Roy Orbinson as of the skewed folk of the Handsome Family and Mazzy Star. - Ink 19

"Paula Frazer has one of those voices. You know the type: deep, soothing and disturbing, her singing has a voice that's tender and yet worrying. Her band, Tarnation, released one of the best records of the 1990s" - Mundane Sounds

Pauly Shore

Genre: Comedy

Pawns or Kings

RIYL: Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Noah & The Whale and Bon Iver

Payphone Mafia

Local Band!


Coining the genre classification "swamp-grass", Payphone Mafia combines modern music with old-time instruments. The band's members include James Gunn (Jimbo), Ryan Smith (Fuzzy Joe), and Michael Zimmerman (Papa Z). One of the unique qualities of Payphone Mafia is that all three members are multi-instrumentalists, and performances feature a wide range of sounds, harmonies and instrumental textures.

Peace of Mind Orchestra

New Orleans, LA

RIYL: Ween, Flaming Lips, Butthole Surfers and Beck


"The experimental rock duo Peace-of-Mind Orchestra... a blend of Pink Floyd, Motown and New Orleans funk." - The Advocate

"Peace of Mind Orchestra... combines trippy, and sometimes ambient, jams with enough New Orleans-style funk so that even someone not stoned can enjoy." - Atlanta Music Guide


Phoenix, AZ

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Dan Deacon, The Postal Service, Depeche Mode and New Order


"Peachcake's first full-length album, What Year Will You Have the World?, is very '80s-influenced but not a carbon copy of the '80s... (taking) inspiration from new wavers like Thomas Dolby, Depeche Mode, the Talking Heads, and the Cure. But there are post-'80s influences as well (Beck, for example)... hey use high-tech synthesizers and sequencers to play their melodies, and many of the tunes have a strong rhythmic appeal and a strong club appeal. But melodies and lyrics never take a backseat to beats on this promising example of 21st century synth pop." - All Music Guide

" What Year Will You Have The World?, finds (Peachcake) creating an alternate reality through their brand of songcraft. At once, the record features an exciting melding of creeping synth and bass lines with spacey beats that serve as the foundation for the upbeat, hopeful messages in their lyrics." - Culture Bully

"Peachcake draws hordes of giddy young indie rock hipsters - guys and girls alike - who sing along and dance like maniacs during the band's live shows... Peachcake's sound has been compared to everything from current indie faves like the Postal Service to synth-heavy '80s bands like Devo and Depeche Mode." - Phoenix New Times

"the two-man electro-pop act known as Peachcake, who in the space of seven songs manage to convince you that the whole sorry electroclash debacle never happened and the Electronica revolution is still just around the corner. With buzzing sci-fi synth sounds, insanely catchy drum melodies, utterly danceable drum loops, silly but ear-catching lyrics, and disarmingly natural vocals, Peachcake suggests what The Streets would have sounded like if Mike Skinner had grown up as an AV geek in a suburban regional high-school somewhere in the American boondocks... only Peachcake have better, catchier, more inventive backing tracks. Roll over, Williamsburg, and tell LCD Soundsystem the news: Peachcake are going to take over the world." - The Jersey Beat

Pearl Handled Pistol

Local Band!


Pearl Handled Pistol is one of many very cool projects from Emilie Marchand and Mike Bagesse of The Fashionistas.

"Mike Bagesse's lush jazz chording and distorted leads would please both Marc Ribot and Nils Cline." -Tomcat Walbank

"... the vocalist commands the audience with a wide-ranging alto that has the grace and balance of a professional tightrope walker... Every dire emotional strait is sung through controlled, silky angst wherein the protagonist may be holding the short end of the stick, but not toeing the line of ' Woe is me'." - Downtown Tucsonan

"Bagesse's distorted, echoing guitar chords are as sensuous and hypnotic as Marchands vocals. The duo artistically create a gentle, slowcore sound - each track filled with longing and beautiful, melodic sonic textures. Their music is soothing but at the same time detached. Both Sabatinos cello and Walbanks harmonica glide into the mix as if they were additional sultry vocalists." - Laurie Starr (KXCI)

Pearls & Brass

Philadelphia, PA


Releasing their first record on Drag City in January '06, Pearls & Brass has a ton of industry buzz... Often compared to Queens of the Stone Age, The Fucking Champs, The Rolling Blackouts, Young Heart Attack, Blue Cheer or Sabbath meets Zeppelin, this trio is noted to be awesome live. They have toured with the likes of Slint, The Dillinger Escape Plan, High on Fire and Early Man.

"Packed with enought chord, rhythm and time changes to confuse Tony Iommi, Pearls and Brass' songs are next-level stoner rock, like ADD-affected Queens of the Stone Age... Performed with the same mellow thickness that made Masters of Reality-era Sabbath so pot-friendly..." - Harp

"Following the demise of Royal Trux, it was only a matter of time before Drag City unearthed the next great sludge rockers... grimey, riff-heavy stoner rockers Pearls and Brass should do the trick nicely. Unafraid to name check Blue Cheer and Led Zepplin in their own bio, Pearls and Brass live up to their comparisons, although Kyuss and Dead Meadow are probably more appropriate reference points." - Dusted

"Pearls and Brass is a throw back of rock from the 1970's. If you mixed Kansas (minus the keyboard) and Black Sabbath you would have the sound of Pearls and Brass. It's a darker sound of rock but still enlightening. You don't need to worry about long annoying guitar solos or any type of hippie stoner rock. Pearls and Brass just bring back the rock the way it was meant to be played and ride it out to the very end. This is a must have for any rock purest out there." 3.5/5 - Decapolis

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